Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve, London 2010 by bowroaduk

New Year's Eve, London 2010, a photo by bowroaduk on Flickr.

Is everyone excited for the New Year? How is everyone spending it? I'm excited but I'm not doing anything special. Some years I go to house parties (including a Murder Mystery themed night) or I just stay in and watch Jools Holland on the TV with my mum, I don't really mind what I do. I've never gone out to town though because I hear its INSANE! Tonight I'll be going down my boyfriends, and maybe have one or two drinks with him, his housemate and his girlfriend, and of course I'm going to dress up a bit, I might wear a blue playsuit! I have yet to wear it! I'm really excited to kiss my boyfriend at midnight since I've never kissed anyone after the countdown despite having boyfriends on New Years Eve, just I didn't see them lol. I'm excited for the New Year because its a new fresh start and I think that's why most people love the new year, and make all those resolutions! I have yet to make mine, and I hardly ever stick to them but I still love making them. I used to write in a diary every day, and I would write in my resolutions, and then compare them from the year before and do a sort of review on how well I did, so maybe I could bring that tradition here, except I don't think I made any last year, ooops! So instead I'll recap a bit of my year.

Not necessarily in order but in 2011....
I spent New Years with a bunch of mostly nice strangers
Got dumped by a jerk
Dressed up lots (I love fancy dress!) 
Visited Bath a few times
Held owls
Lost my purse a few times
My phone died and I got swindled by my phone insurance (don't go with Carphone Warehouse!)
I started dating my boyfriend Steve
Went to Wellington
Saw a few plays and a Christmas Panto
Met a bunch of awesome people
Said goodbye to some other awesome people
Went to a Japanese restaurant for the first and second time, where I found out I can't use chopsticks
Went bowling a few times after years of not going
Bought myself a new iPod after breaking the old one
Only broke one camera this year (which I'm still using ish)
Started this blog
Went to London and saw Wicked for the second time and We Will Rock You, both were awesome and I went to the Rainforest Cafe and Harrods for the first time
I failed my driving test
I urned 21 and had a Super Heroes Vs Villains party (I was Hit Girl) and ended up in hospital for three hours after my hand was injured. This caused me loads of stress about my university dissertation which I ended up unable to finish properly
Actually graduated uni despite not doing all the credits!
Went to my graduation ball which was terrible and not what they advertised but still had fun with the girls on my course and we stole the giant playing cards they had everywhere!
I fnished volunteering at a primary school after a year of going in, they got me a leaving present
I went on holiday to Kavos in Greece with the girls, where I had alcohol poisoning on the last night which made me super dizzy for the next two weeks
I visited my friend in Aberdeen who taught me how to knit
I went to the "Oscars" and got to dress up all fancily 
Saw my friend gig a few times
I found Torchwood
Went to see Jimmy Eat World play in Cardiff
Made my boyfriend a cake for his 25th birthday
Won a medal in work for being awesome
Fed a squirrel
Went to Platform 9 and 3/4s
Missed not being a student in September, and the student loans!
Started making bracelets
Started reading more
Illustrated a few outfit posts
Had a BBQ in October
Finished all my Christmas shopping super early but left wrapping them till the last minute
Passed my driving test
Bought a car, named it Kip and love driving
Went to the races for the first time and lost
Went to the Gower National Heritage Centre and saw a whole load of animals
Carved a pumpkin and apple bobbed for the first time on Halloween
Had firework embers land on me
Saw Ted and The Blanks
Attempted to take part in Britain in a Day but never got round to sending the video
Had a works award do where I helped sort out the awards and even won one myself! (biggest clumsy fool, the scars on my hands prove it!)
Won a few pub quizzes
Went to a 1940's Murder Mystery themed night
Was involved with a few Secret Santas
Had a few car issues and realised what a girl I am
Made personalised Christmas stockings
Went to Winter Wonderland but didn't ice skate
And had an amazing Christmas despite working loads straight after it!

All in all, it was a very good year, and I can't wait for the next. I really want to do something, get a proper job, declutter, be more creative, healthier, go on adventures and so on. Hopefully, this time next year I'll be looking back happily! I hope everyone had a lovely last day of 2011 and have a Happy New Year!

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