Monday, 2 January 2012

Resolutions for 2012

This is a little doodle list of new year resolutions which I thought was really cute, and everything I want to work on as well, who doesn't right? I've already written a list, and was going to take a picture but my handwriting sucks, so I'll just have to write my official resolutions below, I always do ten, no more, no less, just a habit I can't break if I do them. Here are my 2012 resolutions, a day late.

I want to start exercising more, I'm fine once I start but its the starting I find difficult and then I don't do anything for ages. I need it to become a habit. I want to reach my goal weight and tone up. I've joined a gym for the first time, I'm just waiting for it to open. I'm also going to take advantage of the giant field and running track right next to my house when the school isn't using it.

Eat Healthier
Not go on a diet exactly, but I need to stop eating so much crap, and try my hand at healthier things. I basically survive on carbs and dairy, I'm so picky, it's easier to eat junk food. I'm going to try and eat healthy cereal/brown toast in the mornings, drink less fizzy drinks and more water, pack lunch for work so I don't buy pot noodles, write a food diary etc.

Be smarter about money
I was so used to having student loans, grants and pay checks I didn't really think about how much I was spending or what on, except in the first year when I lived on campus and had to budget. Now I am living pay check to pay check because I keep buying stupid stuff that I don't need. So... I'm going to write down everything I buy, work out a budget, save etc and hopefully be wiser about my spending habits.

Declutter my room
This is a big one, I have too much stuff in my tiny little bedroom. I'm 21 years old and I hoard things, and can't throw anything away. This means there is no room in my room! I need to go through my wardrobe and sort out clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Instead of buying new things all the time, I should shop my wardrobe more since there is no room for anything else. I need to have a giant spring clean of everything! 

Make weekly 'To-do' lists
Make a list of seven things (one for each day or I can double up) I have to do each week. This is just to get me into the habit of doing things I put off for ages. These can be chores, tasks, projects, new things, old things, things I do anyway but there has to be seven and I have to do them each week. 

Work on my blog
I've had a few over the years and gave up on them, but I quite like this, and I'm finding loads of new inspiring blogs each day which make me want to have an inspiring blog. I don't really think it is right now, I don't know what it is, and its not really consistent but I will work on improving it.

I want to be more creative, make visual diaries, paint the night sky with pastels, sew little rabbit dolls, bake cupcakes, paint, draw, write, make.

Get a new job
That is relevant to what I want my career to be. I want to work with children, so right now I'm looking for teaching assistant jobs or to be a Learning Support Assistant, anything. I've been applying for a few months now, so I'll have to start volunteering again. If I can't, apply for a full time job somewhere else, I'm part time at the moment and don't want to work there full time. 

Look after my body
Create a beauty routine, have the odd home made spa day here and there, take care of my skin properly, get hair cuts regularly instead of every six months or so etc

Stop biting my nails
It's a horrible habit that needs to stop. I have done it before, and then stress took over and all my hard work went away, I miss those days of long pretty nails. I see all this nail art everywhere and my nails are too short to do it. I bite my nails when I watch films without realising it, or when I'm really upset, anxious or stressed out. I bite them so short sometimes it hurts and my fingertips are really sensitive. 

Well there you are, my little list. Some are cliched, like lose weight, exercise etc, and others aren't like stop biting my nails and write weekly to-do lists, but I think I can do these. I'll keep on trying if I fail, because I have all year to try! 

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