Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pretty colours catch up

It's time for another 31 day fashion challenge catch up, where I'm doing day 14-20 which is seven days, but I've included an extra picture above of the nail varnishes. I didn't realise that all of the colours went together so well until now, I like it and think its pretty. I'm doing this on Instagram, and my usernames Lisamello.

001 - Item hardest to hunt down/buy - Now this was from New Look and I didn't get in when I originally saw it, and then when I went back to get it a few weeks later they were all sold out/changing the stock, I checked another shop and they didn't have it either. Then when I was visiting my boyfriends grandmother in a different town, we went shopping and I popped into New Look and this was in the sale, yay! I love wearing it with jeans for casual or dressy days. 

002 & 003 -  My nail varnish collection - Um... this is only half of it, or even less actually. I keep my most recent nail varnishes in an old glossy box but I'm actually missing about ten polishes, I have no clue where they are, and there's a few glitter ones, and Models Own which should be there too. I need to hunt them down. I laid them all out since it's fun to look through them all, and my favourites are the peachy or turquoise ones. 

004 - Customised item -  Now this isn't a properly customised item, yet! Well its half done, or a third done rather. This halter red polka dot dress was given to me by a friend and the halter neck of it looked horrible, so I've already cut half of that away, and plan on changing it to two straps. It's also quite long with ruffles on the bottom so I'll be cutting that off too and hemming. I can't wait to wear this in the Summer.

005 - Something you wear when sunny - Would be my sunglasses! I tend to think sunglasses don't suit my shape of face, so it's hard for me to find a pair I love. I bought these polka dot ones from H&M two summers ago I think and they were like £3 and have lasted me well. I'll be very sad if these break or get lost :(

006 - Brightest lipstick - I don't own many lipsticks and actually couldn't find my brightest shade (which is red) but this is a close second. A shimmery pink MUA lipstick given to me in my blog swap. It's so pretty!

007 - Clothing/Jewellery that makes me feel great - I found this one to be hard as I don't want to repeat the same items in this challenge, so I went for my Katniss Pin since I LOVE it and I feel really happy when wearing it, yes I'm a geek!

008 - Shoes I love but hardly wear - I have a few shoes that I could have picked but I went for these pale brown (the Instagram filtre changed the colour oops) buckle brogues. I have no clue what they're called, sorry. They are much more delicate than my other brogues so I like wearing these with dresses and tights. However, I hardly wear them since the back hurts my heels if I wear them too long, sad times. 

That's it from me, I'm now off to bed whilst watching some Deathly Hallows and I have a live fire evacuation in work tomorrow morning, with real people! It should be


  1. Love the Hunger Games pin! Haha so cool xx


    1. Thanks, I couldn't wait to get it!

      And thanks for following me too, will check out your blog now :)

      Lisamello xx

  2. Cute photos.

    I love the nail polishes.

    Now following your blog.


    1. Thank you :)

      I think I need to wear my nail polishes more now.

      Thanks, will check out your blog too ^_^

      Lisamello xx