Friday, 18 May 2012

23 before 23

I am finally getting round to posting about 23 things I'd like to do before i'm 23! I mentioned in this post a list of upcoming blog posts, and three weeks later I've finally written them all! But I had written other posts in between, so that's why it took me a bit longer. 

I turned 22 at the end of April and have made a list of things I'd like to do within the next year, and I've seen a few of these lists around for the past year or so. I like the age you'll be turning as the amount of things to do, and thought I'd do one too! As if I haven't made enough lists as it is already. But I'm going to take some of my goals from my day zero list and include them here too. Anyway onto the list of things I'd like to achieve this year! Some of them have to wait till certain things are done like dying my hair after I donate it, or get a tattoo after donating blood etc and some I have done already but I did them after my birthday so it still counts, like seeing a Musical, Blood Brothers. I know what I'm like with changing my mind over things and not wanting to do them anymore so I can swap some of these goals up until March 23rd so in the last month I have to cross them all off, rather than changing them to something easier. Most of these might seem a bit boring but they're things I've been meaning to do for awhile but just haven't got round to do them yet.

Before I'm 23 I would like to...

Get a new job (preferably in a school)
Volunteer (in a school or forest school)
Loose a stone
Donate my hair
Ombre my hair
Dye my hair blonde
Dye my hair red
Open an etsy shop
Host a giveaway on my blog (50 followers or blogiversary which would be July) 
Huge clean out of my room
Sell unwanted clothes on ebay
Sew/alter a dress
Go on Holiday
See a Musical   (12/05/12)
Donate blood
Get a tattoo
Go on a road trip
Get a DSLR camera
Develop a film camera (I have a Holga I haven't played with yet)
Send a secret to Postsecret
Go camping
Fill my photo album up
Create a family history photo album/scrap book

As I complete them I'll cross them off and put the date they've been done next to them.

I'm actually in the process of making things for a future shop, I'm just waiting for most of the things to arrive before I can start and want to build up some stock before I open, the only problem is I can't think of a good shop name! I'm not sure I want to go with lisamello for a shop name, so if anyone has any suggestions, please help me! I'll be selling summery things, including clothes, bracelets and headbands and more in the future so I want a general name that anything can fit, thanks!

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