Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I am a Cosmetic Warrior!

Or something.... So I've been meaning to blog about this for the past month, and I actually took these photos about two weeks ago, but at least I'm finally doing it, if you're interested. 'Doing what' you may ask, well reviewing a lush face mask of course! (Yeah maybe I shouldn't blog late at night, even though I usually do, and then change the time the next day to make it the right day, or at least before midnight! Anyway where was I?) My skin is a little bit crazy right now, or a lot crazy, which annoys me so much as I thought I was finally getting past all those teenage skin problems, but no, nature wasn't letting me off that easy. It's gotten to the point that I hate leaving the house on a bad skin day since even with make up on as my skin doesn't look right. I know everyone tells you its not that bad etc, but if you suffer from bad skin you know that people saying that doesn't help any. So this is where the Cosmetic Warrior comes in!

I popped into Lush to get some birthday presents awhile ago and they handed me a newspaper with all their products in and I eventually browsed through it a few weeks later and came across their face masks. The Cosmetic Warrior is specifically made for bad skin as it 'combats spots and soothes troubled skins' (sorry for the mega blurry photo above). It contains garlic, tea tree, kaolin and honey and we all know tea tree oil is good for the skin so I though why not. It didn't even cost that much at £5.75 for a decent sized pot. I've already used half of it up and tend to use it every two or three days but did use it every day for the first week. So if you think about it, cheap face masks in pouches are £1 and you use them once, and I've used this well over ten times already which is good value for money. 

That's what it looks like inside, its a thick paste that reminds me of wet clay, with chunks of I don't know what in, and doesn't look that appealing on (hence no photo!) but it does the job. Some say it smells foul, but I don't mind it, its a bit unusual and garlicky so if you hate garlic don't go for it! You keep it in the fridge and then apply a generous amount onto your clean skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. It goes all crumbly afterwards and I find it easier to brush the crumbs off first then wash it off, but I think I'm a bit weird like that? I don't know. It definitely made my skin smoother so I like to put it on in the morning or during the day rather than in the night, as it helps when I'm applying my makeup. It also makes my skin feel incredibly soft and reduces the redness of my skin and tightens up my face, which does a lot I reckon compared to other face masks I've used in the past. When I eventually run out of it I think I might try other face masks just to test them out, but I'll be buying this again in the future (or hopefully not if my skin clears up but it'd be good for bad days). And you know what else is pretty awesome? If you take back five clean and empty tubs (or tubes), you get a free face mask! I was given a lot of Lush products for my birthday so I have a few more tubs and only need to buy a few more and then I get a free face mask! I like things like that, so well done Lush!


  1. My skin is rubbish at the moment, maybe I should try this! (or stop eating chocolate). I've found anything containing rose oil is very helpful for breakouts too

    1. I think its worth a look in Lush since they have so many, I want to try them all :)

      Ha I wish I could give up chocolate but it's just too hard and thanks, I'll keep a look out for rose oil in ingredients for things!

      Lisamello xx

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