Thursday, 17 May 2012

The London Haul

I have very imaginative headings I know, I know (sarcasm) and I use Instagram a lot (I'd say sorry, but I LOVE it, usernames lisamello) and this will only be a short post. I'm trying to get into the habit of blogging more so there may be more shorter posts. So this is a 'What I bought in London' post. I didn't have that much money to spend, and used vouchers and bought presents for others, and only went to shops that Swansea doesn't have (like Paperchase! *sob* we used to...). Where was I? Oh yes the London Haul.

I went to Paperchase and bought a cute owl tin, since I loved my birthday wrapping paper so much and I love owls, they're so cute. I also bought some paper tape in pink, red, and turquoise with cute faces on it so my collection is growing. I always buy postcards when I'm there, and bought a thank you one since I liked the design, and a cute  elephant one that I'm going to frame and give to my friend in her baby shower (along with other presents, and also, I'm organising it! Eeek). I bought a bunny rabbit pen from there, because I've actually been doodling little bunnys in outfits for a long time, and then I went to Paperchase and they were SO similiar I was heartbroken. They were going to be a shop idea, oh well, but I bought the pen as a reference if I do want to draw bunnys to make them not look like those ones! Not pictred was a notebook as I always buy one from there too but they didn't have the one I usually get, boo. 

I went to the Moomin shop too and wanted to buy everything there, but again, I'm poor so I only bought a cookie cutter since I actually bake and will use it. In Covent Garden there's a shop called Sass and Belle (I think) that I always go to which is filled with cute things. I bought the two polka dot buckets, one to keep and the blue one for the baby shower but I'm not sure what to do with it. I also went to the David and Goliath shop to add to my collection of t-shirts and spent a birthday voucher there, getting those two cute t-shirts above. I already have a Pug one (You're so Pugly) but another one won't hurt right? And the other one, well I am a 'Dork' and play videogames and I'm wearing it right now!

So just a little short post of nothing too exciting, one day I'll win the lottery and have loads of money to shop! But I should probably buy a ticket first :P

P.S In other actual exciting relating to London news, my boyfriend has got the job! In September he'll be teaching in Portugal which is very exciting! I love Portugal, I went there two years ago, and I'll either be living there or visiting lots depending on my job situation!

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