Monday, 28 May 2012


Here's another 'Week in Instagram' type posts, but it's a bit longer than a week so I just titled it 'Instagrammed' today. I was going to do a 31 day challenge catch up but I'll do that tomorrow as its half one now (but I'll change the time manually tomorrow so this is still Sunday) and I should be sleeping. 

Top L-R: Glittery Nails, A view of Mumbles, Eddies Rocket for a catch up and malt shakes, Watching my boyfriend in 'Scary Play'
Roller Skating on the Promenade, Brooches from a Vintage Fair, I did a 'What's in my bag?' post, Finally read Magic Knight Rayearth (yes, I'm an anime/manga geek ^_^)
May's Glossy Box <3, Purple Dye and water, I'm in a Hammock!, A cute puppy who was still for once and not biting!
I saw an Olympic Torch bearer when I left work early, I watched Eurovision - they were last years winners, Had a BBQ, and spent some time in a giant paddling pool.

So that was roughly my week in pictures, but add in some work and sunburn, fun! Oh I also spent a lot of time in my garden but forgot to add those pictures too. I finally went roller skating which was so much fun, but it was a boiling day and I went to my first Vintage Clothes Fair. I also did a 'What's in my Bag?' post. 
I've spent the weekend down my boyfriends family's, they have a huge garden, paddling pool, hammock, BBQ, rabbits, a puppy and a cute two year old, it was a blast! 

I had the shortest shift ever in work on Saturday since I felt ill, and as I left I saw an Olympic torch bearer waiting to have her torch lighted. It was funny, everyone kept giving her their kids to take photos with and she said "If I had know it'd be like this, I would have done my hair!" bless, but she was very nice and smiley, I just didn't get a good shot! I didn't stick around to watch it though as I was dying and just wanted to curl up somewhere. I then watched the Eurovision, poor Hump, he deserved better! I liked Sweden, who won, but also liked Germany who came somewhere in the middle, and also Denmark who did just a little bit better than us, so near the end, and was kinda shocked, what's going on? They both should have done better. I think next year I want to go or host a Eurovision party, it'll be fun! Who did you like in the Eurovision? And I hope you all had lovely weekends :)


  1. I left work early on Saturday too, just because I couldn't handle being inside when it's so sunny!
    The BBQ looks fab and how wonderful that you saw the Olympic flame

    1. Ah I'm guessing you have windows in work? I know most people do lol, but I don't have windows so we only know if its sunny when no one comes in! So it's good and bad not having windows, good means you don't stare at the nice weather all jealous like, bad means, when you leave the sunlight startles you!

      Lisamello xx