Friday, 4 May 2012

Of shoes and prints

So I'm still doing the 31 day challenge and I decided to do two days clumped together again, mainly since I don't have that much time to do the other posts I want to do, and  then do the weekly round up with this like I had planned. This is easier. Work is busy, I'm working in the nights, and I finish late, by the time I get home its very late, then I need food and to get ready and wind down so I wake up late the next day and then have to go to work. It's a horrible circle! Last night I finished at 1:30 am and was driving some people home and the police actually pulled me over! I was terrified! But, they were just bored, and said there was hardly anyone on the roads and asking us why we were out so late and had a little chat with us, but they were basically saying we were out past our bedtime, might have even used that phrase! After that it looked like a police van was following us but they turned off and I drove past a hidden police car looking for people speeding, which I wasn't. Anyway, it was funny afterwards but I was seriously thinking 'what the hell is wrong with my car now?!' it likes to torment me, but luckily not this time!

So back to the challenge, it was 'Something you're wearing for the first time' which was hard to pick as I love wearing new things straight away or I save them for a special occasion which I can't just wear daily. I bought these shoes from H&M, as I needed new summer shoes. They're £10 but I got them for £5 with a voucher and they are SO comfy! The weather was lovely, then rainy again so I haven't worn them properly out yet since they're white, but I wore them all day yesterday (before work) mainly around the house. I love them and want to wear them in the sunshine now though. 

For the fourth day of this challenge, which is today, it was 'Your favourite print'. Now I have a lot of favourite prints, mainly animal prints but I couldn't pick from all them, so I decided to pick my favourite non animal print which is the top above. It's from Matalan, and I know its not a great picture of the top but I wanted the details. It reminds me a bit of the 70's and I love the colours. I wear it loads, out for meals, parties, or just wandering round the shops. It's silky and quite loose with long sleeves and it has buttons all down the back which I just love! I'm trying to use the same filters on Instagram for this challenge (Earlybird) but the colours are actually more vivid than this. Anyway I'm off to go get ready for work, but hopefully on Sunday I'll take a look at everyone else who is doing this challenge and catch up on all my other blog reading!

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