Sunday, 13 May 2012

31 day challenge catch up!

I've been a bit busy and haven't had a chance to do the 31 day fashion challenge for the past week, but I said from the start I would be doing it using Instagram and probably doing a few days at a time so here are the last seven days challenges. I found some of these hard to photograph so they're not the best pictures and I may as well do a grid since its a catch up after all. 

007 A special occasion outfit - This is a three quarter length black chiffon dress. I feel all grown up wearing it, and have worn it at my friends engagement party, and will be wearing it to my boyfriends uni society awards do. The dress is from Matalan.

008 Something you forget you have but love - This Kimono style dress is from Dorothy Perkins and I love it! I love the colours and how silky it feels. However I don't wear it a lot since I think people will remember it more and think I always wear it? Eh I don't know, but I put it in my wardrobe and forget I have it. 

009 The item at the top of your wishlist - I really really want a pair of creepers! I want them in black suede please and can't wait to wear them with pretty dresses. I might buy them if I have enough money at the end of the month!

010 Cute tights - They're sparkly, what more can I say? 

011 Your spring essential - Headbands in general but I can't wait to wear this feather headband or the flowers with wavy hair. My hair is really long atm and I'm going to chop it off and donate to charity soon so I want to make the most of my hair over the summer and actually style it!

012 The outfit you've had the best times in - This one was hard to pick, um, this is my go to black dress. I know everyone and their mother has it (hmm that might be a challenge later on this would have worked for, oh well) but I love lace. I waited awhile after the trend for this died down and got it from Tesco. I've worn it for lots of nights out, too many to count. 

013 Your lazy day at home with style (In front of your housemates/bf/visitors) outfit - This one was also hard to pick as people don't often come over my house, I usally go out or over my boyfriends. My lazy outfits when its cold are usually whatever I find that's warm with my monkey onesie on top, but if people came round I would never wear that in front of them lol (well except for the family and bf). I think this jumper is cute, who doesn't love bunnies with moustaches? It's from River Island and super comfy, the inside of it is so soft, and then I'd wear it with black jeggings or green jeans.

So there you go that's been my week in challenges. Also this week my baby brother turned 18 even though I told him he wasn't allowed to grow up (how rude!) so I was preparing for a party for him and working, and I also went to London over the weekend! 

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