Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Weekly to-do list

Well following my resolutions post, here is a list of seven things I have to do by or before the 7th of January.

Book a Hair appointment 
Book a Doctors appointment
Book a Dentist appointment
Throw away old underwear, socks, etc that are worn out
Watch Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Swap a bag I bought for a different colour (Went but they didn't have the colour)
Go for coffee/hot chocolate with the girls

As you can see, I've put off booking appointments since I hate doing it and hate going. I got loads of new underwear for Christmas so to make room for it I need to get rid of the old horrible stuff and then some fun things. Now I'm off to work!

UPDATE: Well... I failed at that! It didn't help that I started this half way through the week where I spent most of it away from home, so I'll have to add them onto this weeks list which I'll post another time, but I know its a work in progress.

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