Monday, 30 January 2012

How I spent the Chinese New Year

Happy year of the Dragon! I like celebrating Chinese New Years even if its just small things like giving my friends fortune cookies. I wanted to light paper lanterns and make rice balls (onigiri) this year and its also part of my day zero list.

I've made onigiri once before so this was only my second attempt, they were a bit too salty for me so next time I'll use less. I made the onigiri in the first picture and my boyfriend made the all sesame seed ones, I'll try to experiment more with animals next time, I think they're cute. We of course had fortunes cookies, and there's a picture fortune cookie on my dress to see the pattern of my dress, it has cats on it. My fortune for the year "Your big opportunity may be right where you are now" makes me feel better about where I am in life as its been something I've been worrying about it for awhile.

Originally I wanted to wear a red outfit, but I don't have that many red clothes, so I wore a black cat dress from New Look and a red belt, I also had a red tassel bag and wore my flowery brogues which I realise now didn't really go. I didn't get a full outfit shot as we were in a bit of a rush to see a film afterwards and set off chinese paper lanterns before we watched it. We had one each and did them together but his burnt and we had to chuck it away. We got it right by the time it was my lantern and I didn't manage to get a photo of it closer as it went up since I was afraid of it accidentally burning while I got my camera ready lol, you had to hold onto the lantern for ages till it was hot enough to float into the air. We went down to the beach to set them off. It was freezing! But also fun as we were doing it, and we made a wish as it went up. A random guy was watching us which was weird, but it was very pretty seeing the lantern floating into the air so I don't blame him. I wish I could see hundreds of lanterns in the sky, like in the film Tangled! I know there are festivals like that so maybe one day.

I think the beach is so pretty at night, we weren't on the sand as it was wet and dark, but you could see all the lights reflected in the water, which I couldn't capture on my camera. We also went by the marina which is also very pretty and relaxing at night and an evil looking swan was swimming around, he even swum up to me to have his picture taken! After that we went to watch a preview of The Descendants which is a really good film, so all together it a very fun night! :D

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