Friday, 24 February 2012

Valentines Love Owl

This a a very belated post about Valentines but I'm still going to go ahead with it, sorry! For Valentines day me and my boyfriend agreed to make home made presents for each other and stay in since we both don't have that much money, and our one year anniversary was only a few days later, which the same applied for. I decided I'd make him an owl, which is the one above, named lumpy, since, well, he is rather lumpy! I tried to pick manly colours but still make him look cute. He was very wonky too, and I need to practice using my sewing machine some more and buy lots more fabrics! I used felt and he was pretty easy to make if a little rough looking. I also sprayed him with the perfume my boyfriend got me for Christmas which I also sprayed all over his card! I was going to make him some cupcakes or something, but he's being healthy so hasn't really tried anything I've baked :(

This is the card I made him, which does look better in person, but yeah I need to be more neat with this too! I really like owls, so now he does too, but he likes the cheesy owl lines so I'm happy. I went over his after he finished uni and he'd put candles everywhere, a singe rose by my seat, and made me a meal and said we could watch whatever chick flick he'd said no to before, but we ended up watching High Fidelity in the end on NetFlix which was a weird choice about breakups haha. He also made me a bracelet and got me a mini photograph for me purse and little chocolate love bugs :D

For our anniversary I made him another owl card saying "Owl love you to the moon and back" and I painted it with watercolours for a change, and I painted a small canvas and a photoframe for him. The photo I put in it was the exact same photo he'd picked for the card he made me, n'aww. It's just a random photo from a gig that we both liked but hadn't said to each other so I liked that. He also hand picked love hearts with messages on them, got me matchsticks and wrote me a story, which I found very sweet and funny. We also went out to watch a film, which was Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, another random choice! But I'd wanted to see it, its very good and WILL make you cry, or say you have something in your eye!

All in all I'm a very happy girl and even if we have loads of money next year I think I want to carry on with the little homemade things, and buy nice things for him for Christmas and his birthday!

Oh yeah I've changed the layout of my blog and hope you all like it, I felt like something new and almost changed blogs! But I made a decision to keep this blog, and I can always revamp my content and delete older entries for a fresh start if I want to. Hopefully I'll get better at this blogging marlaky and blog more!

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