Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It's just not been my week

Or fortnight really. I've been ill for the past two weeks and now I'm only just getting better, stupid colds are stupid, but this week has really taken the mickey. I had a parking ticket from somewhere I thought was safe to park, then my car broke down and will cost over £100 to fix (even with a friend helping, a garage would be in the hundreds!) and then I lost my purse on the bus. Fun times yo!

I broke down on the way home from work, and I was actually down the road from my house, which was both good and bad. The good thing was, I was close to home for my brother to come help me and not stuck alone. My car just stopped (turns out its the belt thingie?) and then my hazards stopped working on a main road in the dark, which was scary! Luckily it was a Sunday night so it wasn't extremely busy, and we pushed the car round the corner to the end of my really long uphill road which we left till we had reinforcements. However since I was within a mile of my home, my breakdown cover did not apply! I've paid over £60 for nothing! It doesn't count! And I was on the phone for ages telling this English guy all these welsh road names since he couldn't find the location of my car which was just down the road from my address which he had on his database thing! Stressful.

I realised I lost my purse a day late when I tried to pay off my parking ticket, and I think I lost it on the bus or in the bus station yesterday as that's when I last used it, and I had to use the bus since my car has broken down! Bad things really do happen in threes, don't they? I've cancelled my cards, and phoned the bus people but they'll get back to me tomorrow if they happen to find it. If they don't find it, then this week will cost me £200 odd for the parking ticket, bus tickets, fixing the car and replacing my driving licence for the second time! I'm glad I've not bought anything for myself this month apart from the basics. I hope they find it, since I have lost it a few times and its always been found *fingers crossed*. I really need to be more careful I know. I was also meant to be going out for someones birthday tonight but I have no car, no money and no ID.

Anyway, just a little post of my bad luck, and I've not been posting because I've been ill and not really doing anything. I need to catch up on sooo many blogs and have a few posts in mind, so hopefully I'll get round to that sometime this week.

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