Sunday, 5 August 2012

Glossy Box vs She Said Beauty

Sorry I kind of took a little blogging break there! I tend to do that every now and then, but not on purpose, oops. I really need to work on that, sorry! I've not even been that busy or anything and I've had a few post ideas too so I don't know what I was doing. I meant to post this Glossy Box Vs She Said Beauty box review last month (it's already August, where did July go?) but I never got round to it. I got the She Said Beauty Box at the start of the month (my first one) and the Glossy Box at the end of the month so it wasn't really the best timing but I wanted to compare the two boxes in the same post, rather than do two separate posts if you get what I mean? I'm going to carry on getting the two boxes for another two months and then maybe pick one to get or try out some others, I don't know yet. And as for the format I might compare them each month, or do two separate posts. 

I've been with Glossy Box since last year, and while it has been awesome, I wanted to try out other boxes since I while I loved Glossy Box, I wasn't in love with Glossy Box anymore. However since Glossy Box was my first Beauty subscription box, I didn't want to quit outright and wanted to compare it with other Beauty subscription boxes. I swear I'll start to compare them now, but remember this is for July not for August.

Okay so starting with the small stuff, price, delivery's and packaging! With Glossy Box (GB)  it's £10 p/m + p&p which is about £12.95 and She Said Beauty (SSB) is only £9 p/m + p&p which works out to be about £11.95, so price wise SSB wins! (Side note: For the first box SSB I used a code, meaning I paid £9 in total but full price for this months box). With the delivery's as I already mentioned GB sends it out at the end of the month and SSB sends them out at the start of the month. Now onto packaging, GB comes in a black box with the logo stamped all over in Pink, whereas SSB comes in a bright hot pink box which is very noticeable! For the actual boxes GB usually comes in a pale pink box with a separate lid, but for special boxes they do change the colour sometimes. SSB comes in a pretty turquoise box with a subtle pattern as you can see above, but it doesn't have a separate lid which I wished it did, but its okay as a fold-able type of lid. Both boxes have little cards with the info and sometimes extra little cards for specific infomation, and both have little straw? like pieces inside which is pretty but annoying, and SSB has less than GB which some may dislike but I prefer as that stuff gets everywhere in my room!

Debenhams reward card. Time Release Blemish Cleaner. Honey Moisteriser.  Ice Crystals Anti Aging Prep & Polish. Eden Natural Polish Remover. Love Phat Liner. S-File. 
SSB came with 5 items, with an extra in the form of a Debenhams beauty reward card. While its a nice touch, I already have one and with an extra lost one!

Time Release Blemish Cleaner by Murad is okay, it helps my skin a bit but I have horrible skin and I'm a bit wary of using this as it also claims to battle wrinkles. I can't remember where I read/heard this information, but I heard you shouldn't use anti aging products until you need to use them as it can cause damage? I really should look this up, but this knowledge whether its true or not keeps me away from anti aging products and I tend to give any products to my mum as I don't have wrinkles.

Honey Moisteriser by LaylaD Natural Beauty is amazing. I've been using it as a hand cream since my hands get super dry really quickly, and it keeps them feeling soft and hydrated and smells of honey too which is a bonus. I love the smell of honey, even if I don't like the taste.

Ice Crystals Anti Aging Prep & Polish by Freeze 247 is another product I've not really used much of because its anti aging. It does help make my skin feel soft but apart from that I can't really say anything about it.

Eden Natural Polish Remover by Fresh Therapies was too small of a sample! It removed the polish after awhile, but I don't really like liquid polish removers as it takes forever, and I like to use polish remover pad things, or those pots you dip your fingers in and twist.

Love Phat Liner by Miners Cosmetics is amazing! I love, love, LOVE this product and use it every day. I will definitely be buying it when I run out as its only £3.99 (but right now its only £1.99 on the website!) I'd actually just lost my previous eyeliner which I loved from Accessorize and then my replacement one from Boots  straight afterwards. I find most eyeliners don't stay on my eyes for long, but this one does, and its really easy to use and when sharpened I don't poke my eye out like I sometimes do with others as I am clumsy and stupid. It can be used as a liner, definer and all over eye pencil too which I haven't done just yet, but if you guys want to, go ahead!

S-File by Stylfile was created by a The Apprentice Winner apparently? IDK I don't really watch it apart from the off episode here or there, but there was a card mentioning it with the box. I was hoping I'd get this in my box though from seeing other reviews and sneak peeks as I'm growing my nails out and needed a nice and lovely file. It's fun and easy to use, following the shape of your nails and I use this all the time.

My favourite SSB product from July, the Love Phat Liner!

Colour & Care Shampoo. Monu Golden Glow. Jelly Pong Lip Frosting. Skin Balancing Lotion.
HD Brows, Eye & Brow Palette. Skin Balancing Kit.
July's GB also came with 5 items, with an extra item added in too. They do give extra items out every now and then, and the extra for this months (Skin Balancing Kit) was better than the SSB box of a reward card. GB also has themes for boxes, with this months being "Festival Glam". Now I can see the uses for some of the products in a festival, but it doesn't seem like a festival box to me. I'd rather see a good moisturiser, mini spray, fun make up etc.

Enrich Colour Shampoo by Clynol Salon Exclusive is meant to be a shampoo for coloured hair with UV filtres to protect your hair from fading. I'm growing my hair dye out so the top of my hair is my natural colour and the ends are faded. I decided to use it anyway, and it left my hair looking really greasy on the non dyed parts so I'm not sure if I'll use this again until I dye my hair again. 

Golden Glow by Monu is a good moisturiser like I mentioned above, and comes in handy considering the sun is barely out lately and does gradually build a small tan. However the product I'm currently using does a better job, (some cheap Sweedish stuff I got from Buyology) but it does smell better than the cheap stuff!

Lip Frosting by Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics smells amazing! I want to eat it all up, but don't worry I won't. It comes out in a dark pink colour which looks nicer on your lips, with a subtle shine and isn't too sticky, I hate sticky lip glosses. It's also a decent amount for a lip gloss and now lives in my purse. 

Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion and Line Kit by Elizabeth Arden is a small product but has more in it than you think it would. I've actually lost it so only used it for a few days but it was like most other moisturisers I've used, leaving my skin feeling soft, I just need to find it to use it again. Now with the Kit I enjoyed using them but they were small smaples so only used them once. The kit came with a exfoliating cleanser, skin serum and sachet of the lotion. They left my skin feeling fresh and soft, but I didn't notice any other effects after only using it once, but it was a nice extra product. 

Brows Eye and Brow Pallete by HD Brows is something I'm really glad I got. I've been meaning to try a brow kit for awhile, but never felt like I really needed one so haven't bought one. When I got it in this box, I thought, this is why I started to subscribe in the first place, to try out products I wouldn't usually buy. It's a bit too dark for my hair colour, but I use the lighter shades to fill in my brows. I'm only a beginner though so I need some more practice with it as I've accidentally put too much on before, oops. It's fun to use though and I hope I get the use of it and will probably use it quite a lot in the future!

And that's the end of the product reviews finally! I hope I didn't bore you, it actually took me aaages to write this post. To compare the two boxes, neither was amazing, but they both had a product which I loved with SSB's Love Phat Liner and GB's HD Brows kit. GB's product was more expensive so better value for my money, but SSB's product is something I use every day whereas with GB's product I'll use every now and then, but probably on nights out unless I get the hang of it. Overall I think GB was better this month, but only marginally so, so we'll see how August boxes are!


  1. The HD brow kit sounds like a good little gift!

    1. It's really nice, my mum wants to steal it off me! Haha :)

      Lisa xx

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  3. Great post! I currently sub to both GB & SSB. My plan was to pick one, but I can't decide which haha. Love the new blog layout too :) xx

    1. Uh oh! I hope I can decide in the end but my next GB should be free so that might delay it, and it's because of your blog I found out about SSB thanks :D

      Lisa xx

  4. I am literally in love with the guy that made the S file! He's the sweetest guy that's ever been on the apprentice! x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

    1. I wish I'd watched it now, but I never remember to watch it and catch about two episodes per season :(

      Lisa xx