Thursday, 16 August 2012



It's been awhile since I had a little play on polyvore, and I decided to go for a inspired-by-a-mermaid theme when I saw this template. And oh my days, I'm in love with this outfit! I wish I had it! I mean I'm no where near confident enough to wear this, but its so pretty.

Firstly the hair, its big, curly and blonde!  Can you imagine if it had a blue or green tint to it? Very mermaidy. I picked a green velvet skirt 'cause ya know, mermaids tend to have green tails in the stories. I love velvet, I'll have to get a few velvet skirts for winter to live in, because they look and feel so nice. Plus velvet is kinda shiny, like mermaids tails! I wanted to keep the top simple to focus on the skirt, so picked a simple lace bralet, which one day I shall wear (when I drop about a million dress sizes ha!). Then for the accessories I picked green wedges (gorgeous dark colours om nom) to match the skirt, and a sparkly gold purse and gold anchor earrings to fit in with the colour scheme and template, and sparkles are always nice. Plus where else would a mermaiden be than on a boat or near the sea with a steering wheel and anchor right?

Ah if only I was rich enough to buy all the things! One can always dream right? How's everyones weeks going? I'm on day 3/8 of working, and it is not fun already! My feet are killing me :( I hate ten hour shifts and I'm not sleeping so well in the nights despite being exhausted and waking up early. Oh and plus! My car didn't work when I finished work today, so I had to wait TWO hours for them to come fix it (which only took two minutes, thanks!!) so I'm not getting much change to read blogs and write them, hence this little polyvore number. Anyways! Enough of the complaining, I'm going to try to sleep, yay sleep!


  1. I worked at a cinema for five years and I cannot tell you how glad I am to be out of there! It was ok for the first couple of years but then became depressing. You sound like one of my friends at the cinema who is trying to look for a teaching assistant job but can't find anything :( Hope you get something for September!
    On a positive note I do love the polyvore set you've put together, the green is gorgeous

    1. Wow 5 years? I'm almost three years and getting fed up of it now too, but loving the people I work with so it's 50/50.

      Ah no, it's so hard, and that everyone I know who's a TA got it because they know the headteacher or something, its not fair :( and I have my fingers crossed for September! It'd be the best job for my since my boyfriends moving abroad and then every half term I could go visit him! lol

      And thanks, it's my fave set I've made and so wish it was mine! Haha!

      Lisa xx