Sunday, 12 August 2012

In the summer time

She Said Beauty Box. Ombre nails. Neighbours cats Lightning and Mattie.
Moonrise Kingdom ticket. Cupcakes. Atmosphere. Orange Sunglasses.
Broken Glass. Beach View. Costa. Me on a Dragon Pedal Boat.
Sand. From where I stand. View from the Library. Library Haul.
Okay so a bit of a mish mash post, maybe from the last two weeks. I either take loads of pictures on Instagram (username is lisamello) or I forget all about it for a few days. Oops. I've gone to the beach a few times, and even on kinda cloudy days, if its warm enough to sit on the beach then I don't mind, its so relaxing to just dip your feet into the sand. I also went to the Library which is right next to the beach, I need to go more often! I got a new Library card from my local one the other day, and can use it at Swansea Library too, which I'm planning on spending a few days reading there in the sun with the pretty views. I also took out a few books, which have similar book covers...

Um from the top not including beach photos, I had my second She Said Beauty Box (well actually I had two, I'm confused) and took photos of my neighbours cats like the cat stalker that I am. Lightning the grey one, he never comes near us, but watches us, and Mattie is such an attention whore she'll flop dramatically down on her the floor for you to rub her belly and joins me whenever I sit outside. I love that photo of her sticking her tongue out though. (One day I'll have pets of my own again dammit!) I painted my nails using an ombre technique which I LOVED but the photo doesn't do it justice, and reminds me of the sec on the beach cocktail with the colours.

I went to see Moonrise Kingdom which was fantastically whimsical, and is one of the few films I've actually paid to go see in the last few years since they didn't show it in the cinema where I work :( I made patriotic cupcakes for a night in with my friends, except the blue didn't turn out except in the icing, so I'll have to try gel food dye next time instead! I also had a games night with work people and my boyfriend who used to be a work person, where we played Atmosphere! I love that game, its so silly. Did you ever play it when you were younger? And speaking of work, we have this new promotion where we have bright orange t-shirts, glasses and wigs to wear! It was dead in work so me and four other girls dressed up, it was hilarious, but I did love the glasses. The t-shirts were a nice fit too, as we usually get large t-shirts if we get any.

Then a quick mish mash of the other photos, my brothers cat got broken into (nothing was stolen) and while gutted for him, since every vehicle he owns gets broken/stolen/smashed/dies, the broken glass was kinda pretty. I've tried a few of the costa cooler things, and got one to match my dress the other day! Not on purpose, but it was funny. I had orange and raspberry which was gorgeous, only because mango and passion fruit was sold out, and red berry  another time which I didn't really like the after taste. So I just need to try mango now, but I'm glad I tried the orange and raspberry one, its gorgeous! Oh and then there's me on a Dragon Peddle boat. So much fun and relaxing. I'd never been to the ones in Singleton Park despite Swansea being my home town all my life! So I had to fit it in with my boyfriend before he left, and I took lots and lots of photos.

Okay so that's a quick post, I'm trying to post more regularly now, but I've also been working and enjoying the sun whenever I can. And now I'm off to a Olympics closing ceremony party down my boyfriends. Has everyone been enjoying watching it? I'm so proud that we've come third overall! I never intended to watch any of it except for the opening ceremony but have watched it here and there, and wish I'd watched more, it's a bit addictive isn't it?


  1. The Olympics have been amazing haven't they! So sad that it's over now. By the way, how do you get your photos like this? Do you use a photo editing website? xx

    1. I know, what will we do now? And the paralympics aren't for another two weeks.

      Do you mean the grid? There's probably an easier way to do it that I can't find but I do it manually on photoshop (or you could use photo filtre which is a similar free thing). I shrink them to 200 and copy and paste them to a blank page if that helps

      Lisa xx