Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Pink and Grey: An Outfit Challenge

The Discount Coder is running a challenge competition to celebrate reaching (almost) 1000 followers on twitter! (So go follow them!) The competition is to create an outfit for £100 or less from the ASOS website in order to have a chance to win a £100 voucher they're kindly giving out to one lucky blogger! And I, as usual, left this till last minute! I had seen two or three other bloggers do this a few weeks ago and then I promptly forgot all about it until today!

I decided to go for a pink and grey colour scheme as those are my layout colours atm and I'm pretty partial to them. I picked some grey and pink brogues and built the outfit around them, as they are gorgeous! I love brogues and a grey pair is next on my list. Then I needed to find a dress ast I live in dresses, and like brogues, I love peter pan collars! The colour of the dress does actually match the shoes better than what it looks like, but I picked the wrong colour to do the banner and arrows, so it looks a bit bright. Considering the weather we're having though, the brightness of the dress would suit both sunny and cold days, depending on what else you're wearing with it. I went with a more of a cold theme, and picked sensible shoes and some pretty tights (I love the lightning bolt!). If it were sunny I'd probably go without tights and wear some nice sandals. And to top it off I paired it with a silver fox ring, since he's cute. I was going to add a necklace but I thought with the collar and belt it doesn't really need anything else there, and I'm recently getting into wearing (animal) rings lately, and  matches the shoes, and it all works out to be £94.50!

The competition is open until midnight so you still have time to do it, this took me less than half an hour!


  1. I really love this outfit. The dress is so pretty x
    Island Girl Insights ♥

    1. Thanks, if I had money I would totally buy this outfit! It's perfect for British weather :P

      Lisa xx