Friday, 10 August 2012

Just another manic Monday

On Monday I finished work early, and decided to go round the shops and had a mini shopping spree. I really need to stop doing those, but I figured since I'd been paid recently, and it should be fine s'long as I don't do it again for awhile (I'm trying to save up money for big things). Anyways since I picked up two extra shifts yesterday and today, and next weeks crazy, it kinda makes up for me finishing early and spending lots of money-ish. I didn't spend too long shopping as I was meeting my boyfriend, but I did go to Primark and New Look. Most of what I own is from Primark, New Look and H&M, I think I should branch out a bit... oh well, they have cheap pretty clothes! 

I've lusted after the studded collar dress from New Look for awhile now, and finally decided to buy it, since I had 20% vouchers off for being a store card member, and decided to get the t-shirt as well which is kinda   weird for New Look don't you think? It's all spacey with lepards and triangles saying 'MY WORLD' but 'world' is backwards. Anyway as I got to the till and pulled out the vouchers I realised they ran out the day before, gah! But I still bought them anyways!

In Primark I bought a few things (and a dress the other day but I don't have pictures) but these were the two main things (I did buy a scarf, socks, etc but they were a bit boring). I've wanted Dr Martens for years, but don't have the money to buy them, so bought these cheapy super shiny lookalikes from Primark for £18. I'm hoping they'll look better when scuffed up a bit, but I like them regardless of the shine, my boyfriend however hates them haha. I also got that flowery vest top too, since I have a similar vest from there in a see through aztec print which I love and wear all the time. I also figured I could potentially wear that if I worked in a school, since you never know I might get one eventually, but there's no jobs being advertised! Swansea sucks!

In Primark I also bought the false eyelashes, and nivea hand cream on the bottom left of the photo, since they were a pound each. I love the hand cream. It was an impulse buy in the queue, but I always run out of hand cream, and need ones that last me awhile, which this one does. What I mean by last for awhile, as in the effect it has on my hands, so I'm not reaching for the hand cream a million times a day, so then it will last longer too. As for the eyelashes, I haven't tried them out yet but they look more natural than the pair I got in my glossy box (i.e no rhinestones!). I really enjoyed wearing those, which was my first time so I'm looking forward to wearing more false eyelashes now that I've gotten over my 'fear' of applying them, since I thought they would be too hard to do.

The rest of the items I got from Superdrug, and I love most of them. The two dry shampoos were part of a deal which I couldn't resist but they are awful and make my hair look worse! Definitely would not recommend them! I was planning on keeping them in my locker in work to deal with my terrible hat hair but but I think I'll stick to batiste or tesco's own (which works just as well and is cheaper), but I like to get batiste if its on sale since it tends to smell nicer.

I love Aussie products but only buy them when they have deals on, and these were two for £6 or £7 I think. As I've mentioned in loads of posts I'm trying to look after my very long hair right now in order to eventually donate it, so I've been wanting to get a leave in conditioner or hair mask, and then I saw the miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner. Since there was a deal on I also bought the three minute miracle luscious long hair treatment conditioner, and both of these products are magical. My hair felt so soft afterwards, and smelt great too and the leave in conditioner wasn't even noticeable apart from the lovely smell and extra softness. I actually look forward to showering with these products, sad I know!

The two lipsticks were MUA and Beauty UK. I was introduced to MUA by Catherine in the blog package swap I took part in. For such cheap prices they're really fun to try out different shades of nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick and more but I've only bought a few lipsticks so far. I'm trying out new shades of lipstick atm to see what suits me, and decided to try out cheap lipstick first before I get the more expensive lipsticks to see what I like. The MUA one is perfect for the day, as its a subtle pale coral colour, and the Beauty UK, is more of an orangy colour, more noticeable but not too much so but I love it. I didn't think I'd like it that much even though I bought it! I thought it would be for more daring days, but I could easily wear this whenever and not feel self conscious about it. I think both were a pound so you can't really go wrong with them there can you?

The last thing I bought was a superdrug mud mask tube to use when I'm down my boyfriends since I can't really cart my lush face masks back and forth, especially since they need to stay in the fridge. I've used it once, and it reminds me of when I was younger and used to do mud masks. It dried really quickly on my face and as usual, left my skin feeling nice and soft. I'm aiming to use masks a lot more lately and see if it helps my skin over the long run, because it's horrible right now.

Anway thats my rambly post on my mini shopping haul, with some reviews thrown in too! What do you think of shopping haul posts? Do you like them, find them boring, too boastful or don't really care? I like seeing them, as I'm a nosey person, and also tend to buy things people suggest too that I wouldn't otherwise normally think to buy. Hope everyone's having a lovely time with the unexpected sun, want to take any bets on how long it'll last this time around? As this is being posted I'm currently at work where there are no windows, is that a good or a bad thing I'll never really know!


  1. I love reading about shopping hauls, as I'm a nosy person too haha xx

  2. Replies
    1. I know, as soon as I saw it I had to have it :)

      Lisa xx