Friday, 27 July 2012

TRESemme Split Remedy Review

My mum came home the other day with two of the above samples, saying she got them from somewhere (I can't remember) and gave both of them to me as she usually does whenever she gets samples. Now I have seen a few reviews of these today on some blogs, where I think it came as part of a small beauty box? Which I don't get, so it's just a review of TRESemme. I have used it in the past about a few years ago and did like the products, but then never really bought them again, even though I didn't mind, but I don't usually buy shampoo. The new products are designed for helping repair split ends, which loads of other shampoos do too so I as a bit skeptical. I'm treating my hair better lately and trying out new things so I thought why not.

It comes in three steps, or three sachets rather. You use the shampoo, then the conditioner, and then once you're out of the shower, put the leave in conditioner. My hairs really long and thick so I used each sachet up on it, but you could half it if you have shorter hair. On the directions it says to use 2-3 pumps, which I think they mean from the full size bottles, which works out to be roughly the same size in the sachet so maybe you are meant to use all of it.

The consistency was nice, and there was a subtle smell (I'm not the best at sensing scents though!). The first time I used all three, I think I either put too much in my roots, or didn't wash it out enough because my hair looked greasy as soon as it was dry, not a good look. I usually shampoo the top half of my hair and then let the water run the rest of the shampoo through it (a tip I read somewhere) and then I condition the middle and the ends of my hair, as the top half can get greasy quite easily. I didn't do that this time as I put the conditioner everywhere before washing it out. Then I towel dried my hair and put in the leave in conditioner, mainly focusing on the ends as that's what its meant for. This was my first time using it so it was interesting to see how it would turn out. I didn't really notice it once my hair was dry, and it did feel soft but the top half of my hair greasy which was the conditioner's fault.

The second time I used it I had much better results. My hair wasn't greasy, as I didn't touch my roots except for the shampoo and made sure I rinsed everything out thoroughly. My hair felt soft again, and continued feeling soft the next day. However it's too short of a time to see if it made any difference to the ends of my hair, but it can't hurt to try. When I eventually cut all my hair off I'll ask the hairdressers what they think of it.

I probably won't buy the shampoo or conditioner, because sometimes I do condition the whole of my head and don't want it to be super greasy, but I did love the leave in conditioner as I didn't really notice it was in like I thought I would have, I thought it would feel heavier or I'd feel it once dry. It also made the parts of my hair I used it on really, really soft which is always nice. So I'll keep a look out if I see in the the shops. I hope you enjoyed this review, I'm going to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics with my family now, is anyone else exciting for the show? I'm hoping Doctor Who will appear to light the torch! And yes I'm a geek :D


  1. Ah! I now see where I went wrong with the leave in conditioner. I put it all over my hair rather than just the ends. Makes total sense now.

    Much love: I am trying to get my followers up so any follow is appreciated.


    1. Glad to help make sense, but you would think it shouldn't make your hair that greasy right? My hair looked like I needed a shower straight after having one >.<

      Lisa xx