Friday, 13 July 2012

Week in Instagram

DIY shorts disaster. Watching Charlie St.Cloud. Mini sales shopping Haul. Rabbit ring.
He loves me/he loves me not necklace. Flowers from the boy. Tea Time. New pink dress.
Tried new eye make up and hair style. My view. She Said Beauty Box. The Grape and Olive tower.
Waiting for new tyres in my car. Jelly baby cocktail! My favourite aisle in B&Q. New bag.
Just a quick Instagram post, I've got work soon (I'm closing :( ) and tomorrow I should either be going to Bristol Zoo or ice skating depending on the weather, and if I remember my rail card which last time I did not! I've already posted about the DIY disasters here, and my mini sales shopping haul here, but I'm still including them in my Week in Instagram post. Do you find it hard to represent what you've actually done over the week? I think I take a lot of photos, but then sometimes I think I don't take nearly enough, or forget to. Oh well .

I actually had a nice four days off work, no holidays or anything it just worked out that way so I've spent the time relaxing and doing fun things, or things that I've needed to done. I've had a few film nights with my boyfriend (watching Charlie St.Cloud, not usually a fan of Zac Efron but wow I kinda love him in this) going for walks by the marina, beach (it rained), having cocktails etc. Or I've been practising hair and make up styles from The Beauty Department, lots of fun, been buying pretty new things, getting my tyres done finally and going to B&Q and walking down my favourite aisle, with all the lights. The weathers been mostly sucky so I've had lots of tea whilst watching Lost, and see the odd patch of sunlight occasionally. I've also seen my friends but didn't take any pictures but had a few catch up drinks, where we're all poor and buy the refillable ones from The Cockle Shell! So all in all, a nice quiet week, but I think I need next week to be a bit busier!

P.s hope you all have a lucky Friday the 13th! And don't forget to enter my giveaway, only two days left!

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