Saturday, 9 June 2012

A week of Parties!

Like I said in my last post I've been busy working, or partying! Well going to events at least. I didn't take pictures of everything so didn't have a wide selection to pick from oh well. It was my brothers 21st birthday so I made lemon cupcakes for him, and also my boyfriends 26th birthday. He wanted a Victoria Sponge and that's it in the top picture... only... I dropped it and forgot to bring the cute candles I got :( It still tasted yummy though, it just looked silly! I was working on his birthday event and then went to a BBQ but it was dark, and for his actual birthday we went to the Uni Society events do. The second picture is of the empty sweet jar filled with stars lol, and the third is my outfit. We all wore blue and white to match the drama's colours, and they won a few things, so yay! It was loads of fun. My dress was from New Look and I got £8 off thanks to a tiny little mark that came off easily, woot! The night after that a lot of the societys held a Night of Musicals, which was awesome including drama, choral, glee, dance etc and I made a new friend, he was sititng by himself bless him. I'd be too scared to go to something by myself, I mean I do but I know loads of drama people will be there and try to sit next to them, but he was lovely. 

Second row, yeah... a weird picture but that's me trying these curler things. They do work, but didn't work for the night I needed them as my hair didn't dry fast enough. I'm trying to make my hair prettier but also treat it better so tried these out from New Look. I think my hairs a little bit too long for them though. The middle picture is of my pink lush bath! Finally getting round to using all these bath products :) I including those two pics to fit in with the party theme as they are 'getting ready' pictures. Third picture in that row is of Taybarns. It was my first ever visit and was okay, think I prefer Cosmo but it is much cheaper. It was birthday/new job dinner for my boyfriend since he likes Taybarns. Driving there was a nightmare though, I may or may not have got lost.... anyway! Moving on!

For the third row there's me sporting my Jubilee look, but not really, I worked it! :( I wore this bow when I came home though, can't wear it in work since I wear hats. Then it was the Drama awards night and I got to sit on the committee table even though I'm not even a member! It was very fancy and loads of fun. It's quite sad too though since I won't be seeing a lot of people again since they're leaving Swansea after finishing uni :(  I wore a dress from Debenhams which I got for £5! It used to be £85 but it was in the 70% off pile and it was buy one get one free, and I didn't get a free one, yes I'm stupid! So that was my week in Instagram pictures and just add in a few closes in work, and it sums up my week. Now I'm off to pack since I'm going to London in a few hours and I have done nothing! Ooops! I am tempted to take my laptop on the train to catch up on blog reading and plan a baby shower but then I don't want to lug it around London, hmmm, why can't my laptop be tiny eh?


  1. I think instagram posts are ace because you get to see lots of little day to day bits of life! The blue dress is so cute!

    1. I do love seeing them, and posting them but worry all the same lol, and thank you :D

      Lisamello xx