Thursday, 14 June 2012

They call me clumsy...

... for a reason! Okay so just a short little post as I am so behind on everything! I finally caught up on over a weeks worth of blog reading, and I read a LOT of blogs so it took ages and there's loads of new ones today, waaah! I've barely left any comments, which sucks, as I'm trying to comment more. I'm so used to just reading blogs and never commenting unless its congratulations or about a competition and I'd like to comment for other reasons than that, particularly as the last one makes me feel a bit like a user, but I do really love the blogs!

I was going to do a London Instagram post, but my last few posts have all beeN Intsagram collages and I'd like to not do that for every single post, yaknow? And I was going to post a few illustrated outfit pictures I've done, but first I need to find my water colours! I've drawn a few just haven't gotten round to painting them yet, sigh. So here's a quick little post to say I have been busy, and I've been busy injuring myself, yay! I have so many bruises on my thighs from god knows where, I fell off a ride (after it stopped) in Thorpe park getting lots of cuts on my hands and knees, it looked hilarious I bet though, and I somehow managed to  punch the coke machine in work whilst getting something causing my little finger to bleed like crazy (above photo) and someone opened the door into me hurting my other little finger as I was holding my hands weirdly I guess? All in the space of two to three days! Okay so its not much, but enough with the finger injuries already plzkthnxbi!

So yeah that's it for me, and sorry for the lack of updates, commenting and boringness that is my blog, my stats have gone down waaaay much so it really does show, ooops! P.s I'm going to go see Prometheus tonight, finally!


  1. Poor you! Loving the stylish blue plaster

    1. I've also hit my head since this post, I need a bubble lol and ha I had to wear a blue plaster for work!

      Lisamello xx