Friday, 8 June 2012

O hai, remember that challenge I was doing?

Yeah I'm still doing it, just you know, I've really far behind, by a few weeks and missing some days....but never mind eh?! Better late than never right? I've sort of had a blogging/internet break, mainly since I've barely been at home and don't really use the internet on my phone except for Instagram and Draw Something etc. I really need to catch up on all the blogs I read, but there are SO many, it's kinda daunting but I miss reading them. I've been working a few closes and then sleeping in the day, rinse and repeat. Or I've been going to lots of drama things and there were birthdays and lots of stuff, so basically I was very busy! I will try to do a catch up Instagram post but wanted to do this first. 

The challenge was created by Selina and I failed! But sort of knew I would from the start. I'm missing out three days since one of them is 'The item that brings all the boys to the yard', I don't really have anything :(, another is about my style icon and I'd rather do a post on that on its own maybe using Polyvore, and then something I'm obsessed with but I'd be reusing things in this challenge anyways like my shoes or something. Now onto the challenge!

001 - Something that is from my favourite brand -  I have a few but decided on David and Goliath since their prints are always SUPER cute, look at that Pug Shot! Squee!

002 - A Piece of clothing/jewellery that was a gift -  I picked my D&G watch which my ex boyfriends mum gave this to me for Christmas the year before. I have worn it every day since! I should probably replace the strap but meh, I'll wait till its literately falling apart. It's something I wouldn't have picked for myself (colour and price, I break things) but I love it and am terrified of breaking it!

003 - Something from your favourite store - I picked a skirt from H&M since I can't leave that shop without buying something! I picked the star skirt since it's my most recent purchase from there and I should wear it more. It has a zip in the front so I'm wary that I'll have people telling me I was wearing it back to front, but I should just wear it more!

004 - A totally me outfit - It's hard to get a full picture of yourself using Instagram so I picked an old one, a cute dress with an animal print (birds) flat shoes, tights/leggings and a cardigan is a 'totally me outfit'!

005 - What's in your bag? - I actually did a post on that since I forgot it was part of this challenge. 

006 - Something that everyone has now - Creepers! I have wanted these for ages! But had to wait till a good pay day and I finally bought these bad boys from ebay. I love them, and am half glad the weather sucks since I can get more wear out of them. I did wear them when it was sunny and my feet were boiling, oops. A little side note, I'm not wearing them out with those socks, I pulled up my trousers to take the photo! I'm not crazy!

007 - Pretty Hair - Um.... my hair's a bit of a mess atm, I don't really do pretty hair. It's usually down an messy, in a ponytail/bun or plait. I tried curling it for two events recently and it just didn't work! It did work on the day I didn't need it too nor take a picture, oops. So I included a photo of me wearing a daisy chain. The sun was very glarey so my face looks weird. 

008 - Face of the day - The last one that I'm doing. I was worried about this but including one I took before going to a Uni Society Awards do. I wore fake eyelashes for the first time from my Glossy Box, and got complements :) Definitely will wear them again and they stayed on all night, yay!

So that's the end of the challenge, and I'm not sure about when I'll next update as I'm going to London tomorrow and I have a close in work tonight and I still need to pack! Ahhh! When will I ever be prepared in life? Hope everyones had a lovely week and an even lovelier weekend!

P.s! I won Lucy's competition! I'm so excited! I never win anything eeeek! I actually did a little dance when I read her comment, thanks! ^_^

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