Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages

I saw Rock of Ages the other day, and I loved it! I know it has mixed reviews, but I went in watching it knowing it was a musical and full of cheese. I think a lot of people in the screen didn't know it was a musical and a few laughed when the main female character starts singing straight away. I love the music, the hair and the clothes! Sometimes I do wish I was born in the 80's, rather than the 90's but oh well. Another thing I loved in this film? Well, Diego Boneta! At first I didn't really like him based on the trailers and on the posters, but after watching him sing? Wow! I definitely want to watch it again, and see the original stage show in London (which I hear is different and less happy, boo!). The collage above was inspired by the first outfit Sherrie wears which I couldn't find on Polyvore, so here's the picture below.

I think it's perfect for the type of  "Summer" we have now. A nice flowery sun dress in case it's sunny, with boots and a jacket for the cold and possible rain, which we shouldn't be expecting as it's almost July but should still prepare for it since British weather sucks! Anyway if you haven't seen Rock of Ages yet, and you like the 80's and cheesy films where characters convey their emotions through songs, then watch it!

P.s! I have had so many lovely comments on my last post, thank you! I've had a mini blogging break which I seem to do every so often but not on purpose, sorry! So will catch up on all the comments and reading blogs and actually posting some more!

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