Friday, 29 June 2012

Blue sea and skies

Oops I meant to post these a few days ago, from when it was actually sunny in Swansea for once. I had a mini uni reunion with two friends from uni. One I see a bit since I've known her from school, but the other's been busy so it'd actually been months since we'd all seen each other. We decided to go to Mumbles for some food in The George and then went to Verdi's for some Sundaes, and had a little walk in between the two places. It was gorgeous out and really does remind me how nice the sea is when it's sunny. 

I still need to catch up on blog reading, does anyone else get scared by the amount of posts people write in a week? I feel like I follow too many people but I love reading everyone's blogs. I'm just intimidated by the amount that I have (well want) to read so I need to set some time aside for that, like all day or something! I will be doing the giveaway on July the 1st hopefully, in the mean time I'm going to Bristol Zoo!! And after that paintballing! It'll be a fun week, and I need to do more! My sleeping patterns been messed up since I'm doing closes in work, so I'm hoping to catch up on everything soon! So in the mean time here are some photos from Mumbles. 

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