Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

Okay, long time no see.... I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, New Year, Halloween... oh and I guess the whole of Winter? Yeah I know I posted awhile back that I would be back, but um, I guess I didn't! Sorry! I haven't really been up to much except for work. It's a horrible pattern of work-sleep-work-sleep. I was so excited today to get a lay in that I thought I'd better finally actually post something! And what better than my New Year Resolutions? Oh its the 8th of January? Doesn't matter! I'll post them anyway!

Number one on the list, is of course, to be Healthy! Like everyone else on the planet. I want to start doing exercise more regularly (I'm doing roller derby once a week so that's a start) and I need to sort out my diet. I'm not going on a diet, but I want to have a more healthy version of what I'm eating and drinking. So less fizzy drinks, more fruit, less eating late at night, go to bed early, have breakfast sort of thing. Ideally I'd like to lose a stone and drop a dress size.

Creativity! Is second on the list. This includes a whole range of things. I want to try and do something creative every day. I want to blog regularly again, I want to create a shop and its contents, create a visual diary, finish half finished projects, do a photo challenge and so much more!

Thirdly, for this year, I really, really, really want a new job! I hate shift work, I have no routine, I only know what I'm working a week in advance, I don't get two days off in a row, and my day off is usually after a close so I tend to sleep through most of the day anyway. I don't get paid that much and its not the career I want. So in order to get my dream job of working with children, I need to start volunteering again! My hours in work should drop a bit since it's January, so I'm going to use that time for good!

Socialise! Is on the list at number four. As I've mentioned, I mainly working so I haven't had that much of a chance to socialise. I do go to the occasional thing, but I need to make it a regular thing. I haven't seen some friends in months and one of my friends had a baby who I've only a seen a few times. I also want to do more, like go to ore gigs (I didn't go to any in 2012!) and visit more places, go to more craft fairs etc. Normally I'd get my boyfriend to do things with me, but he lives in Portugal now and I can't depend on him. 

Fifth on the list is, to Declutter!!! Oh my gosh, you have no idea how bad my room is atm! I have a tiny box room filled with 22 years worth of stuff. I can't even see my floor its that ridiculous. I have a floordrobe like most people, so I need to get rid of tonnes of clothes, and loads of miscellaneous things. I still live at home, and my mum wants to move in the next year so I really need to declutter, and when I finally move out then I don't have to leave loads of things behind, I can take everything with me. 

Lastly, is my sixth New Year Resolution, I only chose six, but this is kind of cheating, to have Four Goals every month. I saw this idea from Elise and Emma at A Beautiful Mess. They have Four Goals every month, big or small it doesn't matter. I thought this would be a nice way to keep the whole New Years Resolutions going throughout the year. I'll post my four things later this month and hopefully I'll keep up with them, even if I don't keep up with the rest of my Resolutions!

So there we are, my New Year Resolutions! I failed last years and hopefully won't fail these and hopefully, I'll be back again soon!

P.s I just read last years resolutions, and they are shockingly very similar! Oh dear! I really need to sort my life out haha!

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