Saturday, 1 September 2012

Keratin Smooth: TRESemme

I saw Jess review TRESemme's Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque last week on her blog and knew I had to try it out for myself. Like her, I also have really long thick hair and whilst it's not overly frizzy or anything, I did want to tame it some more and make it feel extra soft. I've been trying out a few products for my hair and really wanted a hair masque, so when she mentioned this, and that Boots had taken 1/3 off the price making it just £3.66 I snapped it up when I next went into Boots. 

From the photo above, you can tell I love this! I've only used it twice so far but there is a huge difference, and I'm actually sad that I didn't bring it down my boyfriends to use. I also didn't buy the shampoo or conditioner to go with it, but I'm pretty happy with what I already have (Aussie products) so I didn't bother.

Inside is a thick white cream which is kinda runny, so be careful when you scoop it out, as I dropped a little when I first did it. You slather it on like a usual conditioner, but I put it on my roots and wished I hadn't. I don't condition the top half of my hair as it makes it greasy, and I found that happened with the TRESemme split remedy shampoo/conditioner when I put it all over, but I somehow thought this would be different haha. Anyways the second time I used it, I put it on the bottom 2/3s of my hair and it was fine. My hair was lovely and soft, and I know I always say that but it really does make a huge difference, and more so than other products I've used. I straightened my hair afterwards which I don't normally do, and it felt super soft and sleek.

Overall I would recommend buying this, and it's making me not want to cut my hair as I like the way my hair looks and feels now I'm taking care of it. However the reason I'm taking care of it, is because I will donate it... eventually. I'm just finding it hard to say goodbye, plus I hate going to the hairdressers! I'm like an awkward turtle in there!


  1. I gave your blog a mention on my list of favourite blogs


    1. Aw thanks :)

      I'm soo behind on my blog reading so I'll have to catch up with your blog soon!

      Lisa xx