Sunday, 30 September 2012

Boohoo blogger Challenge

Well I'm always late to the party aren't I? I'm doing the £50 Boohoo fashion voucher blogger challenge now with a few minutes to spare! Crazy! I know I've not been updating a lot either but I've been working loads of nights shifts and generally being like a vampire with the sleepING part, which isn't fun! I have loads of blog ideas in my head, and this was one of them. So in theme with the 'vampire' part, but not really, I decided to go for an all black outfit.

Fashion vouchers teamed up with Boohoo to do this competition, where you create an outfit under or up to £50. Up to four people can win £50 in vouchers to spend in Boohoo and could get the outfit they created!

Bascially, I just looked at the clearance page and wanted to buy ALL the things!! If I don't win, I really want to go on a shopping spree but I'm meant to be saving. I have mixed feelings about all the pretty clothes I could have since they're on sale, but would like to have money for Paris and Portugal, ah descisions! Anyway there were loads of different outfits I could have created, but as I said I went for all black as you can never go wrong with that.

I built the outfit around the leggings. I've wanted galaxy leggings for a while and will have to finally get some! Since they are quite a statement piece themselves I wanted to pick more simple items to go with it so it wouldn't clash with anything. So I added a beautiful side mixi skirt, with a mesh sleeve crop top that matches well with it I think. I wouldn't show my stomach with it, but I'd tuck the crop top into the mixi skirt since it's long enough to do so. To add some height with the very long skirt as I'm only 5'5" I picked some lace up boots. It says they're sporty which is 'on trend' but they don't look to sporty to me, but they're purdy anyway. I love heels but find it hard to walk in them usually, but these look sturdy enough with their chunky heels!

Altogether this outfit came to £47, which is just under the £50 budget! I would wear this outfit on a night out, or just going to the cinema to watch a film. It's casual but not too casual and would be great to wear in Winter with a nice warm coat on top. I can't wait to start layering up! And hopefully win a voucher to buy all these pretty things!