Friday, 14 September 2012



So as I mentioned in my last post, my boyfriend has moved to Portugal. I miss him, but I've been keeping busy working or going to Roller Derby! I've spoken to him a few times, and he has a lush flat now, but the internets not working properly so we can't skype each other yet. I'm planning on going out there in the end of October. Just need to confirm a few things then hopefully I'll be booking my plane tickets this weekend before they keep going up!

Anyway this is a little outfit which would be cute to wear on a beach out there (even though he's not next to the beach, we can catch a train) and the weather should still be warmish in late October I'm hoping! I'm really liking blue and pink together atm, and find it's more of a Summer colour combo than an Autumn one so I'd like to get it out of my system now if I can!

I've been making some dip dyed shorts, and want to tone up my legs before I wear any (hello derby!) but I love them, and based the outfit around the shorts, keeping it simple with same colours, and brown accessories. Ah Portugal, I need to be there now please! Instead, I'm going to work a close now, boo! Is anyone else sad that Summers over? We never get them anymore do we? 


  1. That outfit is really cute, love the colours together! You sound like you're coping very well! :) xx

    1. Thanks, they're so pretty aren't they?

      And yeah so far it's okay, but I'm a bit gutted I have to push back my visit now till December :(

      Lisa xx